Whiteknight is the codename for a French military bio expert named Dr. Pierre DuMont and his virus that was used to create super soldiers. The soldier Cal and his men were the first ones to be tested on and instead of becomming the great soldiers the army had hoped foor, they became enraged uncontrollable monters.

Extent of MutationsEdit

 The people infected with Whitenight share similarities with the infected in 28 days later and the infected in the game Left 4 Dead. the victim becomes enraged and extremely violent. They start to attack violently to the point of killing someone else and lose the aility to communicate. The victim retains all physical human body parts and minds and seem to know what they are doing as Cal shows this but do it without being able to stop. The infection does however seem to make the victims teeth sharper and there pupils become an orange yellow colour.
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An Infected VC

It is shown that the infection will eventually kill its host as shown in the ending where Cal is spared but dies three weeks after escaping the jungles. It also appears the infections control over the host  wears off eventually before killing the host as when Nate finds Cal, he is no longer uncontrollable and is able to talk. The infected person also does not attack other infected people which is unusual as it does show some senility.


In one ending it is shown that without DuMont's cure the infection spread across the globe and killed everyone, in the second ending it is shown that the cure did work and the infection was wiped out.