Nathaniel Walker, also known as "Nate" is the protagonist of Shellshock 2: Blood Trails.

Biography Edit

Nathaniel "Nate" Walker young Army soldier whose brother's Caleb Walker. He was just drafted in 1969 and brought to U.S. base in Pleiku to extract info from deranged and insane Cal regarding of Whiteknight. He fought the Vietcong and the infected along the way in order to chase down his brother. In the end, nate can go through 2 endings. Ending 1 has him escape the jungle with Cal as DuMont is killed by infected. Nate then explains the Cal died three weeks later and that the infection spread across the world, possibly hinting Nate is now dead. Ending 2 has Nate escape with DuMont and Cal is killed by soldiers. Nate then explains that the antidote Dumont makes destroys the whitenight virus and that Nate returns to the army for more war.