A gung-ho soldier in U.S. Marine Corps. He is the field commander of small U.S. forces to quarantine the virus outbreak. He rescued Nate several times from VC. During the last rescue, he was bitten by an infected soldier. In the helicopter ride out of the jungle he turns into an infected and then attacks the helicopter pilot. Due to this, the helicopter then crashed into the ground and killed a GI and the resulting crash killed the pilot and left Nate stranded. He went loose but subsequently capture alive by Trang's men. He killed Halley after Trang threw Halley into the cage. Before escaping, Nate can see him ripping halley apart but cannot attack him as he has no guns. He is then shown to have escaped later in the game and attacks trang before trang can shoot nate. trang shoots griffin off of him and then gets killed by nate. While leaving the camp on a helicopter, Nate sees the infected griffin circled by VC and then shot to death.