People Infected with the Whiteknight virus are enemies in Shellshock 2: Blood Trails.

Overview Edit

Many of these enemies have immense health, usually taking many bullets to kill, if shot towards the body. Some appear in a limping/walking state, slowly and steadily approaching the player. These can be killed fairly easily. Others may appear in a sprinting state, and will sometimes deal faster attacks, sometimes even able to kill the player in one hit on hard difficulty. However, all may be killed easily if a headshot is performed successfully.

One type appears as a large enemy carrying two swords. They have large amounts of health, even head armor, and can withstand many bullets. They appear walking towards the player and may attack at random times, dealing mass amounts of damage. They will not flinch towards guns, however can be stopped in their tracks using a melee attack, most preferably with melee weapons.

History Edit