A French Bio-Medical expert. He invented Whiteknight virus and were taken to Cambodia for sanctuary. His flight went down and a portion of his virus infected the air crews. He sought refuge in an old Laos temple and incapacitated the exhausted Cal. He injected Cal with the Whiteknight to demonstrate its devastating power to high-ranking U.S. and North Vietnamese officers then setting him free.

Game StoryEdit

DuMont is rarely seen in the game until the end but his story of producing whitenight is told. When Nate comes face to face with him it is with his infected brother Cal who is now pointing a gun at DuMont for creating Whitenight and infecting him. Nate then has to choose to either shoot his infected brother and save DuMont or let Cal shoot DuMont. If Ending 1 is chosen then DuMont shares his cure with the military who then use it to destroy the infected. If ending 2 is chosen, Cal and Nate get into the helicopter and watch as DuMont limps out of the temple merely wounded by Cal's bullet. They then watch as many infected close in and then rip im apart.